It took nearly four years, but the D.C. City Council has finally voted to give itseld -- and the mayor's office -- an adress on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Metro Scene has twitted city agencies housed in the District Building during the past couple of years for claiming a Pennsylvania Avenue address (1350) while the building remained irrefutably on E Street. Explaining the relationship of a diagonal avenue where it crosses a street on an east-west axis would require a short course in L'Enfant Geography, so please accept it as offered.

The feds' Pennsylvania Avenue planners decided to interrupt Pennsylvania Avenue by building Western Plaza between 13th and 14th streets NW. That gave city planners the opportunity to give the Pennsylvania Avenue name to a block of E Street, onto which Pennsylvania Avenue traffic now is detoured.

But wait! Zoning laws, and the official Pennsylvania Avenue plan, referred to allowable building heights on E Street. The Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corp. and the National Park Service had reasons to hold up the official name change until all the i's were dotted and the t's were crossed. That's now been done, by recent council action.

The new signs have long since been erected. But, if the truth be known, the council's decision to rename that stretch of Pennsylvania Avenue still must be reviewed by the new Congress. Officially, assuming no opposition, those Pennsylvania Avenue street signs won't be really legal until perhaps April.