The Loudoun County School Board compensation committee has tentatively recommended a 20 percent salary increase for teacher aides during the 1985-86 school year.

The committee's recommendation was for exactly half the increase the teacher aides had requested during a recent School Board hearing on the upcoming budget. In asking for a 40 percent raise, aides had said that at a starting salary of $5,000, they were "Loudoun's best bargain," and that their job "seems like a labor of love, and the pay seems like a token fee."

Leonard Warner, chairman of the committee, said the recommendation was made tentatively until the committee gets a chance to see how a 20 percent increase would affect individual aides' salaries and what the total amount of money would be. (Deputy superintendent Robert Jarvis said this week the increase would amount to about $500,000.)

Warner said the aides' request for a 40 percent increase was "not in the cards" for next year's budget. "If we start chipping away at the total of the whole budget, sooner or later we'll get caught . . . on the other hand we felt the aides salaries were so low that they needed help and 20 percent is better than none."

The compensation committee had already recommended for next year a teacher's salary increase of 11 percent, and a 9 percent raise for aides and other classified personnel.

"We think 20 percent is about as much, probably, as we should do," Warner said. The board can "help the aides and at the same time hold on to what we want across the board."

The aides, who work full-time, assist primarily in kindergarten and special education classrooms.

The compensation committee has also recommended increasing by 50 percent the fees paid to teachers for extra curricular work such as athletics coaching, sponsoring school newspapers, and other activities.

That increase, which would be unrelated to the teachers' salaries and would amount to aproximately $173,000, was recommended by last year's compensation committee.