For gift-givers still seeking an inexpensive last-minute idea that is sure to please and that keeps the Christmas spirit alive year-round, a senior citizens group in Alexandria has a unique calendar that could fit the bill.

The 1985 calendar is titled simply "Alexandria -- 1985" and features 13 historic scenes of Old Town Alexandria.

Among them are Christ Church, which George Washington attended when he was visting Alexandria; Captains' Row on Prince Street, where the seafaring men lived with their families; Presbyterian Meeting House; Friendship Firehouse and Carlyle House.

The sketches are black-and-white, pen-and-ink drawings by Todd Healy, a native Virginian who lives in Alexandria. He has been drawing scenes of Old Town since a local gallery commissioned him to do a series of Old Town prints in 1976. This is the third year he has done the calendar for the senior citizens.

The calendar is presented by the Senior Citizens Employment Services of Alexandria Inc. and sponsored by a long list of local residents and large companies.

Proceeds from the sale of the calendar will aid the nonprofit organization in extending its benefits to needy senior citizens. This is the seventh year for the calendar; sales from last year's calendar brought in more than $4,000 for the Senior Citizens Employment Services of Alexandria.

The group helps senior citizens with their utility bills through the Fuel Relief Program, aids them in finding housing,. and advises them on property tax and rent relief.

The organization also helps senior citizens find temporary, seasonal and full-time employment. For senior citizens who cannot drive to their medical appointments and grocery shopping, a subsidized taxi service is provided.

The calendar may be purchased at the group's office at 121 N. Asaph St., several shops in Old Town, The Torpedo Factory on Alexandria's waterfront and the Lyceum museum shop at 201 S. Washington St.

The calendar costs $5 and is tax-deductible.