Gaithersburg City Manager Sanford W. Daily has ordered Docktor Pet Center, a pet store in Lakeforest Mall, to close next month because of unsanitary conditions and other health violations. He said the store could reopen when the owner submits an acceptable employe-training proposal.

The City Council was told Monday that animal-control inspectors found sick animals at the shop that were not receiving veterinary care. Some animals were not being fed regularly or were being kept in dirty cages, Daily said.

The store, at 701 Russell Ave., also failed to keep death records and was selling sick animals without warning customers about their poor health, Daily's summary to the council said.

The Gaithersburg pet shop, in operation for four years, is one of five Docktor Pet Centers in the Washington area. It is owned by George R. Fewster Jr., who was unavailable for comment.

Under Daily's order, the operating license of the store will be revoked on Jan. 4. It will stay closed until the training program is submitted, Daily said.

Fewster will also be required to submit weekly written reports from a city-appointed veterinarian for two months about the shop's conditions, and for all of 1985, monthly reports will be required, Daily said.

The summary cites the case of a kitten bought at the store that was found to have pneumonia and had to be killed.

Earlier this year, a manager at the Gaithersburg shop, Laura Lammers, was found guilty of cruelty to animals and was put on a year's probation by a judge, Daily said in his summary.

Lammers, who city officials said failed to take a dying puppy to a veterinarian after animal-control inspectors ordered her to do so, no longer works at the Gaithersburg shop, according to the summary. The puppy eventually was found dead in a freezer with several other carcasses.

Fewster can appeal Daily's ruling to the Gaithersburg Board of Appeals, Daily said.