Terrie Spann said she knew she was going to win.

"I had envisioned this moment just as it is," said Spann, who yesterday won a $55,000 house in the District's first house raffle.

As she ran down the aisle at Union Temple Baptist Church, the white collar of her dress flapping and her winning ticket waving in the air, she asked the audience if she could read the speech that she had written the night before.

"Hallelujah, yes," "Amen, sister, that's the power of the Lord," "That's what happens when you pray," answered the people standing in the church pews.

"I am so happy, I prayed night and day and day and night and I visualized about winning every day . . . . I felt this house was mine long before today," the 27-year-old computer program analyst read from her speech.

The house was raffled by Union Temple Baptist Church as a way to raise funds to help the church's social welfare programs.

Spann said that she is going to move into her new three-bedroom red brick home at 2114 14th Street SE as soon as she can pack.

"I've never lived anywhere else but at my parents' house, but I am as ready now as I ever will be," she said as she grabbed the key to her new home.

Spann said she purchased eight tickets, at $50 each. And, she said, even if she hadn't won she would not have been a loser.

"As long as I know that my money went to helping this church, then I don't care . . . this is the best church in the entire country."

The Rev. Willie F. Wilson, pastor of Union Temple Baptist Church at 14th and V streets SE, said he couldn't have been more pleased.

"What we have done today has to do with people," said Wilson. "This project will help all the people in our community."

Union Temple, in the heart of Anacostia, has a host of social services that include a food program, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, low-cost housing, financial workshops, a group home for delinquent girls and other programs for the needy.

The money raised from the raffle will be used to continue the community services.

Church officials said yesterday that they didn't know yet how much money was raised.

Spann told everyone in the church that she had made one commitment: to have her new home open every Sunday so that people could come visit after church.

And after accepting the key she rushed ahead of everyone else around her, and ran the entire block to her new home.

As she placed the key in the door she paused, looked up to the sky and said, "I can't believe this, it's just like I had pictured it. . . . Dare to believe and this is the end product."