State Del. Wendell Phillips, the motorcycle-riding minister from West Baltimore, this summer became the first black to head Baltimore's delegation in the Maryland House. Mention Phillips to Mayor Schaefer and watch his honor's blood pressure go up. Watching Schaefer deal with Phillips will be one of Annapolis' great parlor games this winter. BENNIE THAYER/Looking to Run?

The Prince George's County businessman, a stranger to politics, headed the presidential campaign of Jesse Jackson in Maryland and swept Prince George's County and Baltimore. Thayer won wide respect for that effort and is thinking of running for office, including the U.S. House seat held by Steny H. Hoyer. GAMBLING/Don't Bet on It

Commercial gambling is illegal in Maryland but there are 18 counties where it is allowed when a fraternal or charitable organization is the sponsor. In 1984, there were a number of raids and arrests of persons allegedly abusing the law. Now Maryland's House Judiciary Chairman Joe Owens (D-Montgomery), known for killing bills, says it is time for the legislature to pass one, clamping down on gambling. KINGDON GOULD JR./Konterra King

Gould, former ambassador to the Netherlands, Washington parking lot magnate and descendant of Reconstruction financier Jay Gould, wants to build Konterra, a minicity south of Laurel off I-95 between Washington and Baltimore. The Prince George's Council has given him some, but not all, of what he wants in the way of approvals. Watch that space. SIDNEY KRAMER/Executive Quest

The wealthy 59-year-old Silver Spring resident and chairman of Montgomery County's state Senate delegation will spend much of the year gathering supporters -- and cash -- in his early run to become county executive in 1986. Kramer, so far the only announced candidate, is expected to draw heavily from Montgomery's politically active Jewish community and the Democratic allies of retiring County Executive Charles W. Gilchrist.