An item in the Around the Region column yesterday incorrectly described a hostage situation in St. Mary's County. The county sheriff reported that Willy Jackson, 29, shot and killed Nathan Craig, 25, the husband of Jackson's former girlfriend, before killing himself.

A 29-year-old man shot and killed a former boyfriend of his wife, after holding him hostage for more than eight hours, and then killed himself early yesterday as police prepared to storm the Lexington Park, Md., where the incident occurred, St. Mary's County Sheriff Wayne Pettit reported.

He identified the dead men as Willie Jackson, an Army sergeant stationed at Fort Bliss, Tex., and Nathan Craig, 25, an Army sergeant stationed in Germany.

Police said the incident apparently centered around Craig's wife, Vanessa, who lives at the Lexington Park house where the barricade situation occurred.

Although Jackson had repeatedly demanded that Vanessa Craig be allowed into the house, police said she was not involved in the hostage-taking and was not injured in the incident. They said she did participate in negotiations in an attempt to end the standoff.

The incident began about 7:30 p.m. Saturday night when Vanessa Craig called authorities from a neighbor's phone. When police arrived at Craig's house, they found Jackson holding Nathan Craig hostage with a .357 magnum handgun, according to Sgt. Ron Clarke of the sheriff's department.

Deputies and state police officers negotiated with Jackson until shortly after 3 a.m. yesterday, when Jackson said he would begin "shooting the hostage from the feet up," Clark said. A short time later, police heard a shot and cry for help from inside the house.

Tear gas was fired into the residence as officers prepared to enter, and three more shots were soon heard inside the house, Clarke said. When officers entered the house, they found Nathan Craig and Jackson dead of gunshot wounds.