If I don't publish the names of some of the recent group contributors to our annual fund-raising campaign, they're going to raise the rent on my file cabinet. Here goes:

The Information Systems Group at Litton Bionetics Inc. in Kensington ($60).

The Washington office of Hyatt & Rhoads ($285).

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 86 of Rockville ($68).

The Audit Division of the Federal Election Commission ($60 in honor of Judith (Duff) Hawkins and her new granddaughter, Whitney Crawford Doss).

The Mini-Mites Bowling League of Bethesda ($50).

The Security Department, Police Division Sector A, Patuxent Naval Air Station ($25).

A group of teachers at Woodlawn Elementary School in Alexandria ($100).

The Circle Block Neighborhood Club of Washington, D.C. ($125).

Ladies Friendship Bowling League of Falls Church ($132).

The Sunshine Club of the Methadone Monitoring Branch of the Food and Drug Administration ($99.45).

The Winston Knolls babysitting co-op ($25).

Tri-Hi-Y at West Springfield High School ($100).

The Center for Assessment and Demographic Studies at Gallaudet College ($125 in honor of Susan J. King).

The student council at Taylor Elementary School in Arlington ($25).

"The ladies of the cafeteria staff" at Terra-Centre Elementary School in Burke ($25).

The freshman class at Francis C. Hammond Junior High in Alexandria ($200).

Communications Class 130 at George Mason University ($55).

And the Large Aperture Acoustics Branch of the Naval Research Laboratory ($20 left over from the Christmas party).

Magnificent! Thanks to every one of you.


Make a check or money order payable to Children's Hospital and mail it to Bob Levey, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C. 20071.