Founded: 1973.

Employes: 108.

Chief Executive: Walter D. Webdale, director for 10 years.

Budget: $22.8 million in fiscal 1983, of which $15 million (66 percent) came from the federal government; $1 million (4 percent), state funds; $2.8 million (12 percent), county and $4 million (18 percent) from rents and other fees.

Projects: Jurisdiction over 3,322 housing units out of a total of 7,551 assisted housing units in the county.

Of those:

* 992 units are from Sec. 8 projects for new and substantially rehabilitated housing. Tenants pay 30 percent of family income in rent; the federal government pays the rest.

* 881 units are owned and operated by the county. The federal government pays operating subsidies and debt service for construction costs.

This includes Rosedale Manor at Baileys Crossroads (97 units, average rent $169); The Greens in Reston (50 units, $178); Robinson Square in Fairfax City (46 units, $311); Belle View Condominiums in Mount Vernon (40 units, $162) and Barros Circle in Centerville (44 units).

* 249 units in the Moderate Income Direct Sales program, which helps middle-income families buy houses. They include houses in Chapel Acres (three houses), Newington Forest (82), Covington Meed near Vienna (three) and Goins Manor (27) .

History: It was created to provide a more suitable living environment in the county, by preserving neighborhoods and providing shelter for low- and moderate-income persons.

It is governed by a nine-member commission appointed by the board of supervisors.