Local bills in Prince George's are reviewed first by the county's 23 delegates, then by the eight state senators, and then by all members of both houses.

About 50 local bills have been submitted to the Prince George's delegation so far. They are divided among three different committees: county affairs, law enforcement and bicounty.

Bond bills, to pay for capital improvements, go directly to a standing committee of the House or Senate.

Here is a rundown of the bills.

Bills before the County Affairs Committee would:

* Reduce the transfer tax on real estate sales, from 1 1/2 percent to 1 percent.

* Grant right of collective bargaining to library workers.

* Increase the size of the Board of Elections from three members to five. The two alternate members would become full-time members.

* Provide that landlords of elderly tenants may not prohibit them from keeping small pets.

Bills before the Law Enforcement Committee would:

* Raise the salary of the administrator of the Board of License Commissioners from $26,536 to $32,044, and tie future raises to the county's merit system, eliminating the need to return to the legislature each year for a raise.

* Increase the number of liquor licenses available in the county from 607 to 621.

* Permit hotel chains to receive more than two liquor licenses with the permission of the Board of License Commissioners.

* Raise the maximum salaries of the deputy state's attorneys and assistant state's attorneys. Deputy state's attorneys would earn up to $51,009, an increase of 9 percent over the current ceiling, and assistant state's attorneys could earn up to $48,689, also an increase of 9 percent.

* Raise the salaries of deputy sheriffs and tie future raises to the county's merit system, eliminating the need to return to the legislature for raises each year.

* Prohibit the sale or transfer of a liquor license for five years.

* Grant full-time liquor inspectors the power to arrest minors who illegally buy alcohol.

Bills before the Bicounty Committee would: Allow residents of Takoma Park to vote to unify the city in either Prince George's or Montgomery County.

* Grant Takoma Park independent zoning authority, since the city is located in both counties.

* Authorize the issuance of $7 million in bonds for storm water, drainage and flood control projects in Prince George's. Montgomery County pays for these projects out of its county budget.

* Grant the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Police the right to collective bargaining.

Bond bills likely to be submitted include:

* $1 million for the Capital Tech vocational school in Beltsville.

* Funds to improve a 4-H center on Queen Anne Road and for a new 4-H headquarters in College Park.

* Funds for improvements in the Melwood Center, Upper Marlboro.

* Funds for renovations to the courthouse in Hyattsville.

* Funds for improvements to the Regional Institute for Children and Adults at Cheltenham.