An overhaul of the state formula for appropriating highway money is listed as one of the top legislative priorities of every jurisdiction in the Northern Virginia area. Area officials argue that the current formula shortchanges urban and suburban governments attempting to cope with rapid population and construction growth.

What follows is a list of other laws that will be pursued by local governments. FAIRFAX COUNTY

* A law giving the county authority to build a resource recovery plant for burning solid waste and turning it into electric power. County officials say the need the facility to accommodate the suburban jurisdiction mounting garbage collections.

* Legislation giving courts the authority to order an alleged child abuser out of the home where the child lives. Under current law the court's only legal option is to remove the child from the home, usually to the custody of government social services.

* A law allowing the county to levy civil penalties rather than criminal charges against property owners who violate county zoning codes. County officials argue that the criminal courts place a low priority on zoning matters and criminal convictions are infrequent. They say the county can exercise tougher enforcement of the laws with civil fines. ARLINGTON COUNTY

* Legislation providing the county with greater power to enforce county health and safety codes dealing with the upkeep of private property. The county is seeking the right to take action against property owners for "unkept property," which is defined as property with overgrown grass, weeds and other foreign growth.

* A law allowing local jurisdictions rather than the state to assess the value of some railroad properties. Arlington officials say they are losing thousands of dollars every year in tax revenues because of what they allege are improper assessments of some railroad property.

* Legislation allowing Arlington to set an unlimited cigarette tax. Although Arlington and Fairfax are the only two counties in the state with authority to enact a cigarette tax, they are limited to 5 cents per pack. All cities have the right to set a cigarette tax of up to 10 cents a pack.

* Broader protections for tenants of apartments and other rental housing. ALEXANDRIA

* Legislation permitting contract purchasers of a condominium the right to review the financial records of the condominium owners association.

* A request for about $250,000 more in state funds to finance Alexandria's waterfront dredging project.

* A law allowing clerks of Alexandria district courts to issue informational brochures explaining legal rights. PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY

* Legislation giving counties many of the same taxing authorities now allowed for city governments. Prince William County officials are requesting the power to levy taxes on restaurant meal preparation, cigarettes and some personal property now exempt from taxes.

* Legislation giving authority to require subdivision developers to contribute money to the costs of improving roads that would be affected by the new development. LOUDOUN COUNTY

* A law allowing the county to establish a transferrable development rights program that would allow denser development in some parts of the county in return for setting aside agricultural or other open land in other parts of the county.

* Legislation permitting state funding of grants to small towns and rural communities to help finance water supply and wastewater treatment facilities.