Six out of 10 Americans in a nationwide telephone poll said they would favor a constitutional amendment to permit organized prayer in public schools, but fewer than half of the 1,476 persons questioned said they go to church often.

In the Media General-Associated Press poll, 50 percent said they would oppose a constitutional amendment to further restrict legal abortions; 35 percent said they favored such legislation and 15 percent had no opinion.

Nearly seven out of 10 said they had "no doubts" about the existence of God; 12 percent said they had doubts but believed nevertheless. Only 3 percent opted for the statement: "I don't know whether there is a God and I don't believe there is any way to find out."

In the poll taken in mid-November, 31 percent said they opposed the school prayer amendment, 61 percent favored it and 8 percent had no opinion.

Asked how often they attended the church of their choice, 46 percent said often, 22 percent said sometimes, 26 percent said hardly ever and 5 percent said they had no church of choice.

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