The fee for a D.C. driver's license is now $15, not $12 as reported yesterday. A spokesman for the Department of Public Works had provided incorrect information.

The District of Columbia driver's license has been revoked -- at least in its current form. No longer will the permit be known by its drab gray background, shadowed photo and minuscule print.

Starting tomorrow, the Department of Public Works will begin issuing a newly designed driver's license with a chic, red-white-and-blue color scheme.

The release of the design, which coincides with the 10th anniversary of home rule, is one small step by city officials to bolster the District's image as more than the nation's capital.

"It's part of what we're doing to establish more of a home rule identity," said Tara Hamilton, a spokeswoman for the Department of Public Works.

Hamilton said the new license will be phased in over the next four years.

It will be issued to first-time license applicants and to those persons who have to renew licenses, which expire four years from the date of issue, she said.

"We are not telling people to come in and renew their licenses," she cautioned.

The permit will be larger, with about one-third of its area taken up by a bigger picture of the licensee, Hamilton said.

She said the larger picture will help police and others to verify the driver's identity more quickly.

In addition, Hamilton said, the gray background of the old license will be replaced by white, which will make information printed on the front easier to read.

Despite the practical advantages, the biggest improvement is undoubtedly aesthetic, Hamilton said.

The city's logo -- two bars and three stars -- taken from the District of Columbia flag, is on the background of the new license. Across the top is a stripe of blue with "The District of Columbia" in white letters, she said. And the license is laminated.

Last August, the Department of Public Works introduced new license plates with the city's theme -- "A Capital City" -- written in script across the top.

The plates abandoned a picture of the Capitol dome in favor of the District's bars and stripes logo. Hamilton said the old plates will be phased out over the next two years.

Hamilton said one unchanged feature of the driving permits -- which can be obtained in Room 1000 of the Municipal Building, 301 C St. NW -- is the price. It is still $12.