Only five more days to go in this year's drive, so time for one last nudge.

If you haven't contributed to our annual fund-raising campaign, today would be an excellent day to do something about that. Giving to Children's is a tradition because readers like you have made it a tradition. For nearly four decades, you've recognized the need for a superior pediatric hospital in our community, and you've supported it.

I think that's great. But I must remind you that the need for dollars never goes away. Every day, a child is brought to Children's in some sort of troub (National Caucus of Labor Committees photo) last year."

Maybe your children will never use Children's. I certainly hope they won't. But if you give today, you won't have to wonder whether the hospital will be there tomorrow, when your kids might need it.

No contribution is too small. Please send what you can, during this last week of the 1984-85 drive. As so many donors say each year, this is one check you can feel good about writing.


The next item is rated PG.

It's also rated H-for-Hilarious.

A large check for Children's arrived last week from a Loudoun County couple. I won't identify them further, for reasons you'll soon understand.

The couple was married early in 1984. Just before the wedding, they decided to put a dollar in a jar each time they made love during the first year of their marriage. They called it "The Love Fund."

Along came Jan. 1, 1985, and the jar was opened. The Love Fund contained $242. The couple briefly considered "a world cruise for two, a mansion in McLean and a gold Rolls Royce." But they finally decided that the "only thing to do with our Love Fund was to use it to spread more love around -- and what better place than Children's?"

Gentle readers, lovemaking has been blamed for a lot of things. But I think it's pretty nice when it can be "blamed" for a $242 donation, don't you?


Group givers:

The Office of Production Manager, Government Printing Office ($55).

The Distributive Education Clubs of America chapter at Chantilly High School ($75).

The Division of Cosmetics Technology, Food and Drug Administration ($102).

The Scott Lounge Association at the U.S. Soldiers' and Airmen's Home ($113).

The "Ladies of Code MMRB-11," Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps ($18).

Employes of The Wyatt Company ($230).

The Falls Church office of Symbolics, Inc. ($100).

Thanks so much, generous people.