Not since Michael Dorsey was transformed into Dorothy Michaels in "Tootsie" has a change of name and identity seemed more unlikely.

Franklin E. Kameny, a long-time Washington gay-rights activist, has claimed for himself the right to use the name "Christian Voice Moral Government Fund," since 1980 the moniker of a strongly anti-homosexual political action committee.

He acknowledges that he did it largely to twit the group that he describes as a "particularly vicious enemy" of gays.

The PAC -- a fundamentalist, New Right group -- is not amused.

"Imagine the horror and disbelief on the part of Christian Voice members and average Americans" if the name were used to make pro-homosexual statements, said Matthew Davies Smyth, national director of the (at least former, maybe current) Christian Voice Moral Government Fund.

"I know more about Christianity than Christian Voice ever did," Kameny counters. "They are bigots; they are nasty; they are fundamentally un-Christian."

Kameny claimed the name on Jan. 9 after seeing it on a D.C. government list of nonprofit corporations in the city that had relinquished the right to its name by failing to file an annual report for two years in a row.

The group filed back reports on Jan. 10 and fully expects the city to recognize its right to the name, Smyth said.

The D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs is supposed to rule on Jan. 22 on who is entitled to the name.

Smyth said members of his group believe homosexuality is immoral.