"Winter's Whimsy in Clay and Crayon," the current two-woman exhibit at Gallery West, combines colorful drawings and amusing figural sculpture. The result is a fun, lively and clever show.

Sculptor Shirley Denison and artist Lois Andrews Jordan appear to have a good sense of humor in taking on their subjects.

Denison sticks to sculpting human figures. Many of them have cylindrical bases; only in their torsos and faces does the artist add funny shapes, smiles and expressions. Puckered lips adorn the face of "Lady of the Evening." "Teapot Diva" resembles her name, left arm curving outward for pouring and right arm inward for a handle and a silly rounded mouth posed for song. It is almost as if each piece holds within it a strong personality, just waiting to be discovered.

Jordan does very little with humans, preferring animals. Her birds are exceptionally dear. Her creatures have sweet inquisitive little eyes. "Many Birdies," a lovely color composition done in pastel tones, gives a view of four of the little beasts peering out into the world. Jordan has a wonderful ability to give these animals character with colored crayons and line. Her color sense is augmented by her strong command of line. Her pen-and-ink drawings provide a good example of what she creates with line alone.

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