Alexandria City Manager Douglas Harman said yesterday that he is one of four finalists for the job of city manager of Fort Worth, Tex., and that if is offered the post he would accept it.

Harman, 44, has been involved in a furor in Alexandria over allegations of misconduct by one of his appointees, Director of Public Safety Charles T. Strobel, in connection with a city police drug investigation last year.

A special grand jury is reviewing allegations by a former police detective that Strobel prematurely ended the investigation. Harman was drawn into the controversy because as the city's chief administrator he is Strobel's superior.

Harman had applied for the Fort Worth job in early December before the current controversy erupted. He has been city manager in Alexandria for nine years.

Harman was among eight candidates who flew to Fort Worth last week for a series of interviews, tours and, according to Harman, eight hours of psychological testing. He said he was among the four who were reinterviewed on Saturday.

"If offered the job along the lines they have mentioned, I would [accept]," Harman said. "I was very impressed with the city and with the city council."

Harman said the people who interviewed him were aware of the controversy in Alexandria and there were reports of it in the Fort Worth papers.