The Bowie City Council voted last week to approve a proposal by the State Railroad Administration to move the Bowie commuter railroad station about one mile from its current location near Rte. 564 and Railroad Avenue to Jericho Park Road near Bowie State College.

Last year, the railroad administration began studying the possibility of upgrading or moving the station to improve the facilities and alleviate traffic and parking problems there, said railroad administration passenger service engineer David Herring.

Herring said the administration found in a survey that most of the commuters who use the station live near Rte. 197 and 301, rather than in the "Old Bowie" section of the city where the station is located. Most commuters drive to the station, and traffic through the "Old Bowie" section is heavy, he said.

Herring said the new station will be linked to Rte. 197 after Jericho Park Road and Rte. 197 are connected, which will allow commuters to avoid driving through the old city section.

Herring said the council's recommendation will be considered by the railroad administration's advisory committee, whose members include Bowie station commuters and officials from Bowie State College, Prince George's County and the City of Bowie.

The station is owned by Amtrak, but leased to the railroad administration. A decision will be made by the administration this summer, he said.