The arts column in Thursday's Virginia Weekly incorrectly identified artist Carol Radin as Carol Randall and artist Joseph R. Roberson as Joseph R. Robertson.

Somewhere between painting and sculpture falls the exhibit titled "Paperworks," currently on view at the Athenaeum in Alexandria.

This single-medium show takes a fresh approach to juried exhibitions. "Paperworks" has a new look.

Betsy Mannsman, gallery director, admits, "We took a risk by changing the format of our annual juried show by limiting it to one medium. I was a little nervous about what the response would be."

There were fewer entries this year than there have been for the past 15 juried shows at The Athenaeum, but the selections were much more difficult to make, Mannsman said. "The overall quality of the works was much higher than it has been in the past."

Of the approximately 150 entries submitted, 49 works by 38 artists were selected. Juror Jane Farmer determined the acceptability of the art works submitted.

Most artists in the show made their paper by hand from wood pulp and water.

The show presents paper in a role beyond its traditional use of being a surface for paint, charcoal or pastels.

Joseph R. Robertson's "Blue Lung," a paper sculpture dyed a deep blue-green, and "Paper Plate" and "Paper Napkins," by Carol Randall, are familiar forms given new facades. Unexpected beauty comes in the textures of these works.

In Robertson's work, the transformation is so complete that at first glance, the torso form looks unfamiliar. Once the title is read, the sculpture retreats to a well-known shape, familiar to the eye.

Paper offers established painters and sculptors a new challenge. Mannsman notes that this year's show looks at paper pieces done by artists better known for their work in other media. The flexibility that paper offers in form and color give an artist a chance to experiment.

The show continues through Feb. 13. For further details call 548-0035.

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The Printmakers of the Washington, D.C., Women's Art Center will exhibit works at the Emerson Gallery in McLean, Feb. 5 through March 2. For details, call 337-9081.

The Reston Community Players present Thorton Wilder's "The Skin of Our Teeth," Jan. 25 and 26th. For details, call 476-1111.

"Beyond the Quilt: New Ways, New Images," on view at the Arlington Arts Center. For details, call 524-1494.