A 38-year-old suspect in a three-month rash of Bethesda burglaries was freed on $50,000 bond Tuesday night.

James Othel Wynn, 38, of Eighth Street NW, was captured after being shot by police Jan. 12 in the burglary-plagued Sumner neighborhood off Massachusetts Avenue. He was charged at the time with one burglary in Chevy Chase and, on Tuesday, with a Sumner burglary.

The anxiety of Sumner residents, who have organized against crime since the burglaries began in September, was not eased by news that another burglary occurred at 5 a.m. yesterday, but police said Wynn was not a suspect. Wynn could not be contacted yesterday.

"I think people were surprised he was released only because of the gun," said Vickie Lewis, a Sumner resident, referring to the gun Wynn is accused of carrying at the time he was arrested.

Police said Wynn was shot as he pulled a .38-caliber Colt revolver, loaded with five rounds, on a police officer who approached him. They said they found gold jewelry and a $2 bill reported stolen from a house in Chevy Chase, as well as a Baretta .22 caliber automatic handgun, in a bag Wynn dropped.

Wynn was charged with that burglary and hospitalized until Tuesday, when he was placed in the county jail. At the same time, the other charges were filed, including the burglary in Sumner on Christmas.

Police said in that burglary, $29,000 in jewelry, money and handguns were taken, as well as three albums of nude photographs of one of the occupants of the house. Three of the photos were found on Wynn when he was arrested, according to papers filed in the county's District Court.