"Metro," the stray mutt that won notoriety after tying up a section of Metro's Red Line last year for an hour and delaying thousands of rush-hour commuters, celebrated the first anniversary of its adoption by a College Park couple last week.

"We don't know his birth date, so we decided to celebrate his birthday on the date that we adopted him," said Boris Goldberg, Metro's owner, who had remained anonymous until now.

Metro, a male mixed-breed collie and German shepherd, wandered onto the tracks at the Woodley Park station and tied up trains and frazzled nerves while dodging pursuers. Once captured, Metro was taken to the District animal shelter.

Several families offered to adopt the shaggy celebrity, and Goldberg and his wife, Sonya, were selected. Boris Goldberg said the couple initially wanted to remain anonymous because "we weren't sure we would keep him."

The problem at first was that Metro did not get along well with Dasha, the Goldbergs' German shepherd. But now the two are inseparable.

"The dogs own the house; we are just tenants," said Boris Goldberg, an international radio broadcaster. "I even have a theory about why Metro went to the subways. He has epilepsy, we found out. After a [seizure] he is very disoriented."

Snarling traffic is not Metro's only claim to fame. Last August Metro was entered in a dog show in Richmond.

Not the same dog as a year ago, Metro strutted before the judges and, said Sonya Goldberg, "he won a trophy for the prettiest tail."

And for Metro's birthday party, Sonya Goldberg said, she baked two cakes: a pineapple cake for the dog's human friends and a chocolate cake with an "M" on it for Metro