A 4-year-old boy pulled a .357 Magnum revolver from an unattended purse at a Springfield party Sunday night and shot two women with a single bullet, Fairfax County police said yesterday.

Police said the boy, whom they did not identify, was attending a party with about 40 other people at 6609 Independence Ave.

About 9:15 p.m., police said, the boy took the gun from an unattended purse. As he did, police said, the gun fired and the bullet struck two women sitting on the floor nearby.

The bullet grazed the shoulder blades of Bounnar Khamvongsa, 83, of Alexandria, and then passed through the legs of Chansavang Chittavoravong, 29, of 5560 Caithness Ct., Fairfax.

Chittavoravong suffered a right leg fracture, police said, and was in satisfactory condition in Fairfax Hospital. Khamvongsa was treated at the hospital and released.

"Children are playing with guns all the time; they think they're toys or something," Chittavoravong said at the hospital. "I had a little bad luck."

Police said no charges would be brought against the boy, his parents, the woman who carried the gun in her purse or the owner of the gun.

The woman carrying the gun told police it belonged to her boyfriend, and that she was holding it for him.

Possession of a firearm is legal in Virginia, and no registration of handguns is required. Possession of a concealed weapon is a crime, police said, but having a weapon inside a purse inside a house is not.

Police said they are not certain why the gun discharged.