The new officers for ANC 3B are Mark Plotkin, chairman; Francis Threadgill Jr., vice chairman; Patricia Scolaro, secretary; and Ausma Rohde, treasurer.

After complaints from the ANC and area residents, Metro bus routes D2 and D6 were returned to their original routes the first week of January. The routes were changed at the beginning of December because illegally parked cars on the original routes made it difficult for buses to turn corners and caused scheduling delays. The two bus lines run from Washington Hospital Center and Ivy City, to Glover Park in Northeast.

In other action, the 3B commissioners and neighborhood citizen associations have conducted an informal study of flight patterns over that area. The study concluded that there are three distinct flight paths over the ANC area and an average of 2.7 planes flew over the community every minute.

The next meeting of 3B will be Feb. 13 at 7:30 p.m. at Hardy Recreation Center, 45th and Q streets NW. The agenda includes a discussion of building and zoning violations in 3B, particularly as they pertain to shared houses.

At a recent meeting, citizens of 3B decided one of their highest priorities for 1985 would be to work for extension of the current rent control bill. Other priorities include working for better pedestrian safety, including a planned review of that problem conducted by citizens of ANC 3B, followed by recommendations to the mayor and City Council.

Finally, the Community to Save Holy Rood Cemetery, which is located in ANC 3B at Whitehaven Parkway and Wisconsin Avenue NW, has received a court-granted consent order to allow burials for those who hold burial rights, until the case is heard in court this summer.