Jim Sigillito, who with his wife Alice owns the Sigwick Inn & Golf Club at Leesburg, believes in confronting a problem head on. An incident occurred recently in his restaurant that he feared would cause a lot of talk and perhaps adverse rumors in the small Loudon County community.

So Sigillito took out an ad in the local paper, the Loudoun Times-Mirror, to apologize for "an embarrassment for all concerned [caused] when one of our employes acted rudely and ungraciously." A Metro Scene reader sent along the ad.

Contacted yesterday, Sigillito discussed the incident frankly. It happened, he said, when an employe balked at closing a folding screen across the dining room so Leesburg town officials could make presentations at an annual awards luncheon. The main problem, Sigillito said, was not closing the screen -- and thus perhaps incurring a higher fee for a "private" dining room -- but the way the employe handled the situation. (City employes took matters into their own hands and closed the screen for the ceremony.)

In addition to taking out the ad, Sigillito wrote each luncheon participant a private apology and invited each back for a free lunch.

And the errant employe? Admonished, said Sigillito, but still on the payroll because he or she -- we didn't ask -- is "a good employe who has done a great deal of good for us . . . . "

Handled right, all around, Metro Scene thinks.