Rosslyn is rapidly becoming Gridlock City, making driving in Washington look like a piece of Gridlock City, making dr

Every morning, judged by some recent experiences, traffic pours onto Lynn Street, the Arlington commercial neighborhood's main northbound artery, and encounters stop signals at such east-west streets as Fairfax Drive and Wilson Boulevard.

Unfortunately, people trying to make it through those signals don't observe the rule that calls for keeping the cross street clear -- they enter the intersection, and can't move when traffic ahead of them gets snarled. So the cross street is utterly jammed.

A few days ago, it took one motorist going westbound on Wilson Boulevard passing the USA Today building seven signal cycles to make it across Lynn Street. Yesterday, with far fewer cars on Wilson Boulevard, it took four signal cycles to make it through the same intersection at about 8:40 a.m.

What was especially galling to the motorist was that Arlington police cruiser 312, trying to move eastbound through the intersection, simply pulled around the violator and didn't stop to issue a ticket.

Arlington police: isn't it time to assign traffic officers to enforce discipline? And Rosslyn commuters: isn't it time more of you considered going by Metro?