The union that represents D.C. Department of Corrections employes yesterday filed a grievance asking for the resignation of the newly appointed D.C. Jail chaplain, former City Council member Jerry A. Moore.

At a news conference announcing the action filed with department head James Palmer, officials from the American Federation of Government Employees, Local 1550, also demanded that the former chaplain, Rev. June Lee Jefferson, be reinstated to the $30,888-a-year post and that five other persons who had applied for the job be given "equivalent" positions.

The grievance, which claims that Moore was "preselected" in violation of the union's contract with the city, states that on Jan. 25, five days before a three-member selection panel met and made the decision to hire Moore, the former city council member called Jefferson and said that he had been selected for the post.

Moore, who last year lost the City Council seat he had held for 15 years, said last night, "I have no comment at all."

Jefferson, 60, a 20-year corrections veteran, said he was forced to retire from the job Jan. 31. Department rules state that anyone 55 years or older who is 20-year veteran must retire, according to a department spokesman, who declined to comment on the selection of Moore, 66.