It's amazing how careless some people are with their money.

The D.C. police property office, which takes custody of items found by residents in public places, recently printed its periodic advertisement in this newspaper listing the wide array of items (school rings, bicycles, cameras and watches prevail) that have been turned in.

The remarkable aspect of the latest list was the number of cash items:

* $200, found in 3500 block of Wheeler Road SE.

* $240, 3600 block of 16th Street NW.

* $31, 3600 block of Jocelyn Street NW.

* $120, 3500 block of Connecticut Avenue NW.

* $228, inside taxicab.

* $51.01, 700 block of G Street SE.

* $400, 1200 block of 18th Street NW.

* $1,530, 1100 block of F Street NW.

* $37, 700 block of Hobart Place NW.

* $88, 1600 block of Kenilworth Avenue NE.

* $5,400, 1200 block of H Street NW.

On occasion, the money may be intentionally dropped by such people as drug dealers to shed evidence. But, in general, according to Officer Lou Blancato of the police property office, "There are a lot of honest people in this city" who turn over found items -- including money -- to the police.

If not claimed by their owners within 60 days, the items are turned back to the finders, minus a share of the cost of the advertisement.

According to the police, any claim to a found item must be supported by "valid proof of ownership," such as a description of the wallet or container of the money when it was lost, and the date and approximate time of the loss. That's why the dates of the findings aren't included in the ad, or in the list above.

For information, call the police property office at 727-7586.