Black, yellow and red will be the identifying colors for the new bus service in Fairfax County this fall. But yesterday, when the colors and name of the service -- the Fairfax Connector -- were announced, the predominant color of county officials' faces was blush red.

It seems that no one asked Fairfax residents their opinion on the matter.

When Fairfax Supervisor T. Farrell Egge (R-Mount Vernon) asked Denton Kent, deputy county executive for planning and development, whether there would be any more citizen input on names and logos for the bus system, Kent reluctantly stepped up to the podium and admitted that, in fact, the system already had its logo and color scheme.

"I'm a little disappointed that we can't get some more input from the citizenry on this," Egge said. "The people in my district are the ones who will have to ride it."

The Fairfax Connector, as the new service will be called, will carry commuters in the county's populous southeast quarter to the Huntington Metro station beginning in September.

The new logo resembles two mirror-image "Fs," which will be painted in black on both sides of the system's 33 buses. A bright yellow and red stripe also will encircle the bus.

Egge said if more people were consulted on the design and color scheme, perhaps it would have "been helpful in creating more interest in the system."

"I'm sure once the system is operating, [residents] will be interested in it," said Vice Chairman Martha V. Pennino (D-Centreville).

It will cost the county $330 per vehicle to paint the logo, designed by Robert Walker and Sandy Solesky of Graphic Interpretations Inc. of Springfield, around the $118,000 buses.