Two female employes of the Minnesota Human Rights Department have filed a lawsuit accusing University of the District of Columbia President Robert L. Green of sexual harassment while he was in Minnesota on a speaking engagement for the department, the Associated Press reported yesterday.

The women also named their superiors, Human Rights Commissioner Linda Johnson and Assistant Commissioner Walter Barwick, in the lawsuit, accusing them of ignoring their complaints about the incident, the wire service said.

Dwight Cropp, a UDC vice president, said yesterday that Green was aware of the lawsuit charging sexual harassment and "denies the validity" of it. Cropp said Green "had no knowledge of what they're talking about."

Cropp said Green believed the suit was "an extension of personnel problems" in the Human Rights office.

He said Green was attending a funeral in a rural area and could not be reached for comment yesterday.

The AP reported that the women, Colleen Broten, a clerk, and Karron Holmes, an aide, alleged in the lawsuit that each was "sexually harassed" by Green, one when she went to his hotel room Dec. 5 to escort him to a news conference and the other when she escorted him to a speaking engagement. The suit, filed Friday in Ramsey County District Court in St. Paul, seeks more than $50,000 in damages, the AP reported.

Johnson said Friday, "The department denies any wrongdoing on its part or the part of its employes," according to the AP.