If we haven't been confused, we've at least been amused by some of the wrong destination signs on Metro subway trains. Like the one on the Orange Line the other day with the Red Line destination, "Grosvenor." There's no switch that could get an eastbound Orange Line train onto the northbound Red Line tracks.

But the train signs aren't half as hilarious as the two maps near the top of the escalator in the Rosslyn station. On the large backlighted sign fixture is a map of Rosslyn with a transparent overlay apparently intended for the Ballston station, four stops farther out in Arlington on the Orange Line.

A reader -- alas, his name is mislaid -- gave the tip on this one, and we checked out his report.

The Rosslyn station is encircled with a "you are here" locator on the map, and all the nearby neighborhoods are mislabeled. Georgetown, across the river, is labeled as Cherrydale; Arlington Cemetery is shown as Buckingham and the Washington Monument grounds on the Mall in downtown Washington are described -- you gotta believe! -- as Arlington National Cemetery (although the basic map shows an Arlington Cemetery subway station where it ought to be).

Metro Scene hasn't encountered any puzzled tourists yet, but the hordes of geographically uneducated will be coming to town soon.

My tipster noted that he called Metro headquarters to report the mistake, but the person he talked to wasn't at all interested.