Prince George's County Executive Parris Glendening said yesterday he will appoint a new student member to the Board of Education, replacing Daryl Fitzgerald, an Eleanor Roosevelt High School senior who has held the post since December. Glendening indicated his decision to replace Fitzgerald was based on the student's failure to maintain a C average, the recently adopted standard for participating in extracurricular activities.

The new member will be chosen from among three nominees -- each of whom must have a C average -- to be submitted by the county's regional student government.

Glendening was called upon to make the appointment this week after it was discovered that Fitzgerald was improperly named to the seat by students and the school board instead of by the executive, as required. Glendening aide Tim Ayers said Fitzgerald would probably have been appointed to complete the term if he had earned a C average.

Although county students are required to maintain a C average in order to participate in extracurricular activities, the student member of the board is exempt because the position was created by state law. Glendening, however, said he believes the student member should be held to the C-average requirement.

"It would be unfair for the majority of our students, who do maintain a minimum grade point average, to be represented by an individual who does not meet the same standard," Glendening said in a letter to school board chairman Angelo Castelli.

Fitzgerald could not be reached for comment. He was appointed to the board by the regional student government to fill a vacancy created by the death last year of Douglas Ealey Jr.