A decision on spraying for gypsy moths on Short Hill, which holds the spring that is Round Hill's only source of water, will be made by the state Department of Agriculture by the end of this week, according to Loudoun County's gypsy moth coordinator Terry Laycock. Public hearings on the issue will then be scheduled at the town hall, Mayor Alexandra Spaith said. Although the land surrounding the spring where the gypsy moth egg masses have been spotted is privately owned, there are no residents in the area, Laycock said. If spraying is approved, the screened windows of the stone spring house will be covered, the mayor said.

The town's first bed and breakfast will have a new sign announcing its presence at the west end of Round Hill but it will be smaller than the one proposed recently to the zoning commission by B&B owners Gloriana May and Mary Lou Kegelman. The owners had requested a four-square-foot sign "because we hadn't done our homework and neither had our attorney," May said. The town ordinance prohibits signs for home occupancy businesses larger than three by five square feet.

An as-yet untitled melodrama will be filmed by Leesburg's Storer Cable Co., at the new bed and breakfast site, a 19th century home that has been restored by the partners. The show will be aired in mid-April, May said.