One wonders about the fellow having his lunch on the Metro train coming from Virginia into Washington. There he was, shamelessly having his lunch. Fortunately for him a transit police officer didn't come through the cars to check up and take him off to the slammer. It would have been an interesting test case.

The law in the District is unambiguous. A person eating on the train is in violation. Heck, I once got admonished by a transit cop for popping M & Ms into my mouth.

Well, anyway, here was this fellow, sitting on his mother's lap on the end seat of the car -- he (maybe she) was about three months old -- suckling on her breast in clear violation of the antieating law. There was no problem with the mother's exposure: her exposure was discreetly decent. Had a transit police officer come through, as Metro Scene reads the law, he or she would have had no legal alternative but to take the kid to headquarters.

If there's a bit of good news in this, it's that the mother did a strip-search -- otherwise known as a change of diapers -- just before the infant's meal begin.