The sexiest political book published in four years -- an oversized paperback that has would-be politial appointees drooling and some career civil servants shaking -- is due to hit government newstands Monday.

Political job hunters are anxious to comb through the expanded version of the "plum book" (officially titled Policy and Supporting Positions) because it shows the location and salary of positions outside the regular federal civil service system that the administration can fill.

Career government executives are nervous because this year, for the first time, their names, grades, jobs and locations will be listed between the same covers in what amounts to a patronage- hunter's shopping guide.

Adding the names of more than 5,000 career federal executives, all members of the Senior Executive Service, is one reason the book is late this year. It is usually published the January following each presidential election.

The listings of career executives, whose jobs are not supposed to be up for grabs, have swollen the plum book to 260 pages. The book compiled by the Carter administration and turned over to the incoming Reagan administration in 1980 was 99 pages thinner.

Top administration officials say the career SES members names are being included because of a bipartisan request from the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, which is producing the book this year.

The number of political appointees in the SES, about 10 percent of the total in the service, is fixed by law. SES jobs pay from $61,000 to $72,000 a year. But the fact that career people are included in the book at all has many of them concerned that their jobs will be coveted by political types who don't know about -- or care about -- the rules.

The State Department balked at sending the names of its senior Foreign Service staffers to the printers, so they will not appear.

Otherwise the book will list career executives, along with the names, titles and salaries of non-career personnel, ranging from the heads of departments to chauffeurs and private secretaries.

The book will go on sale early Monday morning at the Government Printing Office bookstore on North Capitol Street NW. The stampede for jobs should start shortly after.