The Senate Governmental Affairs Committee says the so-called plum book due out next week will list only the titles and salaries -- but not the names -- of career members of the Senior Executive Service. Political appointees, including those in the SES, will be listed by job, salary and name. In yesterday's column I said the patronage guide would also list the names of career senior executives who earn from $61,000 to $72,000.

The purpose of the plum book, put out after each presidential election, is to give the administration an idea of the kinds of jobs it can fill outside of regular civil service rules. President Reagan can appoint non-career people to many of the SES positions now held by careerists, but the number of political appointees in the SES cannot exceed 10 percent of the total.

Even though the career SES people will not be named, the fact that their jobs and locations are being listed in the book has made many of the executives nervous.

The book will go on sale Monday at Government Printing Office bookstores. It will have about 260 pages -- reflecting the inclusion of career SES jobs for the first time. No price has been set for the book. The 1980 edition, which was 161 pages, cost $8.50.