* The Bowie City Council voted last week to annex 155 acres at Rte. 450 and Highbridge Road, which are being developed into a residential and commercial complex by Carrollton Limited Partnership.

In turn for the property tax and other revenues the project will generate, the city will provide such services as snow removal, street cleaning and repair and trash removal.

The developers are calling the project Highbridge, but the development is not part of the 50-year-old, 400-house community called Highbridge that is outside the 33,695-resident city, Bowie planning director James Cronk said.

Plans for the new development call for 225 town houses, 75 detached houses, 40,000 square feet of commercial space, two parks, hiking and biking trails and a lake, Cronk said.

He said the developers will have to present individual subdivision plans to the city and the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission before construction can begin.

In other business, the City Council voted to back a State Highway Administration proposal to reconstruct the Huntington Bridge carrying Chestnut Avenue over the Amtrak tracks in the same area.

State highway officials say that the 54-year-old bridge in the city's oldest shopping area must be torn down during the early 1990s. About 13,000 vehicles and hundreds of pedestrians travel across it daily.

The city will reject a proposal to build high retaining walls at the bridge because they would block many of the houses and businesses near the bridge.

The City Council also announced that it will hold its regular Monday meetings at 8:30 p.m. until this summer, when they will again begin at 8 p.m.