At a special session Monday night, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a motion that will allow residents to dump debris at the county's sanitary landfill free of charge.

According to Board Chairman Frank Raflo, the resolution was necessary to solve what he calls "the biggest problem facing the county today -- trash and where to put it." Last year, when the county closed a privately owned landfill, two dump trucks were placed at the county landfill and residents were required to pay at least $9 to put landfill debris there. Charges were higher for large loads. The fees charged county residents paid for the county to drive the trucks to a Fairfax County landfill for dumping.

Rebelling at the charges, residents began dumping landfill debris and used appliances along the roadside leading to the dump, as well as other places in the county. One of the worst, Raflo said, is the stretch between old Rte. 15 and new Rte. 15, where trash can be seen along the roadway toward Balls Bluff.

Although a recently passed $20 million bond issue will expand the sanitary landfill, debris, such as trees, concrete and other construction site material, cannot be accepted there. The supervisors have designated April 5 through April 22 as Keep Loudoun Beautiful week, but were concerned, they said, that without a place to put trash residents would not cooperate.

The county will lose approximately $1,300 a month in revenue with Monday's action, Raflo said, calling the resolution a "service to the county's residents."

Next Monday, the board will consider a proposed set of standards for regulating private debris landfills in Loudoun. Standards proposed by the staff last week, the supervisors said, were the same as those for a sanitary landfill and would have made the cost prohibitive for a private operator.