Middleburg is still talking about last month's town meeting, which drew turn-away crowds because an anonymous person had mailed flyers to everyone in town warning that "Middleburg is for sale." The flyer said that 400 luxury housing units were going to go up on several hundred acres of land inside the town limits. According to Mayor Loyal McMillan, there has been no application for a rezoning, although the owners have been monitoring Town Council sessions. "We would like the land to go residential," McMillan said, "but nothing is being done right now."

Middleburg's comprehensive plan has gone back to committee so that "a few minor differences of opinion" can be worked out, the mayor said. The revised documents will be brought back for another public hearing in May.

The town is preparing to celebrate its 200th birthday in 1987, coinciding with the 200th birthday of the United States Constitution. The birthday committee is looking for ways to tie in the two celebrations, McMillan said. Tentative plans call for something special every month during 1987, including cultural events and "fun" projects. Plans for Middleburg's annual wine festival are also under way, with a tentative date in August -- grape harvest month.