Vienna has named the current county administrator of Winnebago County, Ill., as its new town manager.

John H. Schoeberlein will take over from Acting Town Manager Hector L. Allen on April 22. Allen has served as interim town manager since December when former manager Brackenridge H. Bentley resigned.

Schoeberlein has headed the northern Illinois county of 250,000 since 1982. Previously, he spent seven years as city manager of Pompano Beach, Fla. He graduated in 1969 from Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, Ill.

Schoeberlein said he was impressed with the "quality" of the town and is eager to take over a proposed $9 million budget for fiscal year 1985-86. The town's present population is 15,000.

The 37-year-old Aurora, Ill., native, who managed a $40 million budget in Winnebago County, said it would be more challenging to work with Vienna's smaller budget.

"I've done them high and I've done them low," Schoeberlein said in a telephone interview. "And a lot of times the small budgets are harder to prepare because there are limited dollars to get the job done."

Vienna Mayor Charles A. Robinson Jr. said the council voted unanimously for Schoeberlein in a closed executive session Monday night. He said he was most impressed with Schoeberlein's "personal warmth and experience of operating a local government under difficult circumstances."

Robinson credits Schoeberlein with sacrificing part of his own salary so a county employe could retain her job despite county cutbacks in personnel.

Schoeberlein said he took the cutback in pay for the employe when the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors made severe departmental budget cutbacks because of declining revenues in the economically depressed industrial area.

Schoeberlein said his wife Julie and son Adam would stay in Rockford until his son finishes school in June and his wife sells the house.

Robinson said the council agreed to pay its new manager $52,000 a year, which is $4,180 more than Bentley received and $9,000 more than Schoeberlein's current salary.