Albert B. Fletcher Jr., the U.S. Military Court of Appeals judge convicted of soliciting an undercover Fairfax County police officer to commit a homosexual act, was fined $500 yesterday.

Fairfax Circuit Court Judge Richard J. Jamborsky did not comment in imposing the fine set by the jury that convicted Fletcher Feb. 27.

It remains unclear whether Fletcher's conviction on the felony count will mean his removal from the three-judge military appeals court, the highest military court in the land.

He can be removed only by presidential action or by being impeached and convicted by Congress.

Both the White House and the Pentagon declined to comment yesterday, but spokesmen for both made it clear when Fletcher was convicted that they thought he should resign.

White House spokesman Larry Speakes said at the time, "We will wait and see what his honor does, and maybe his honor will do the right thing."

Fletcher's attorney, Stephen Pickard, said yesterday Fletcher will appeal the conviction and make no move to resign until the appeal is resolved.

Fletcher, 59, has not heard any cases since his arrest in October, and he has not been to work since his conviction, a court spokesman said.

Fletcher was arrested during an undercover police crackdown on homosexual activity at Belle Haven Marina.

He took the stand in his own defense and testified that an undercover officer propositioned him -- contradicting the officer's testimony. He testified he went with the officer to the officer's car because he was doing research on homosexual relationships to help him decide a case then before his court.