The National Institute of Mental Health is looking for a permanent, part-time reading assistant, Grade 2 ($10,501). Call Stanley Matthewson on 373-7056.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is looking for a GS 13 computer specialist (personnel and payroll) with civil service status. Telephone Marvin Lysne at 755-5416.

The Department of Agriculture's Food Safety Inspection Service needs a temporary regulatory analyst, GS 7 to 11. Telephone 447-6617.

The Agricultural Research Service wants a personnel staffing specialist, personnel management specialist and three position classification specialists, all at GS 12. For information, telephone 344-4587.

The Energy Department in Germantown is looking for one lead payroll technician, GS 7; one supervisory operating accountant, GS 9, and one GS 11 operating accountant. Telephone Bernice Perkins at 252-8562.

The Military District of Washington needs a computer programmer and computer systems analyst, GS 9-12; military personnel clerk, GS 3/5; secretary and steno, GS 4/5, and clerk-typist, GS 2/4. Call Rita Cunningham at 325-8840.

The Small Business Administration wants a computer assistant (typing) and a secretary, GS 6, a temporary payroll clerk, GS 4/5 and a clerk-typist, GS 3/4. Call Elizabeth Smith at 653-6608.

The Maritime Administration needs a GS 7 secretary -steno. Call Kathy G. Goode at 382-0413.

Saint Elizabeths Hospital has two openings for personnel management specialists, GS 7 through 12. Call Larry Ellis at 373-7053.