If you are trying to rewrite Montgomery County laws in plain language, it probably pays to relax your mind.

So it stands to reason that David Scull, the chairman of the County Council's committee on government structure, automation and regulation, might want to sit in his Jacuzzi when he presides over occasional project meetings at his house in Silver Spring.

Lawyers and aides working on the project say they have joined Scull half a dozen times in the swirling waters of the small pool in his glassed-in porch to mull over the language changes. In and out of the water during the past year, they have met almost weekly to compose a manual and have recently begun rewriting every county law.

They first took the dive last April, according to Mark Hessell, a lawyer working on the project. "We were in Dave Scull's law office one evening," he said. "Scull said something like: 'This is really dry material. It's the kind of thing you ought to be reviewing when you're floating in a pool somewhere with a glass of wine.' . . . The next thing we knew, he got on the phone and asked his wife to warm up the Jacuzzi and we'd be right over."

Arguments melted away as muscles and nerves relaxed, said Hessell, who described the evenings as "completely above board" and complete with swimsuits: "It takes the edge off the evening," he said. " . . . I'd recommend it for anybody who has to work out anything."