six cafeteria workers, a waiter and a custodian -- have been charged with selling cocaine, PCP and marijuana to undercover police officers.

Four of the men, whose cases were turned over to a federal grand jury on Monday, are accused of selling the drugs in the cafeteria kitchen at the Dirksen Senate Office Building.

A spokesman for the U.S. Capitol police said no information was available yesterday on where drugs were allegedly sold by the other four.

All eight employes were arrested by U.S. Capitol police on March 12 and 13 after what police said was a six-month investigation.

The spokesman said the cases were the first substantial group of drug arrests on the U.S. Capitol grounds since 1982 and 1983, when six low-level congressional employes were prosecuted on narcotics charges.

According to the U.S. Attorney's office and Capitol police, four of the men, Tyrone A. Ragland, 23; Eddie L. Surles, 35; Jerome D. Hardy, 23, and Omar S. Boyles, 19, are accused of selling cocaine in four incidents between September and February.

Three men, Clarence Carey, 25; Daniel W. Scott, 26, and Xavier L. Drake, 26, are accused of selling PCP. Hurbert A. Brake, 20, is accused of selling marijuana.

Capitol police said the price of the drugs sold by Ragland was $125, by Surles and Hardy, $50 each, and by Carey, $30.

The value of the drugs allegedly sold by the other four, who are being prosecuted in D.C. Superior Court, was not available yesterday.

All six cafeteria workers -- Ragland, Surles, Hardy, Carey, Scott and Drake -- were employed as dishwashers and busboys.

Police said drug sales took place in the dish room and locker room of the cafeteria kitchen.

Brake was identified as a waiter in the Senate family dining room in the Capitol building and Boyles as a Capitol building custodian.

Police said all those arrested are D.C. residents: Ragland, of 1909 17th St. SE; Surles, of 1312 Clifton St. NW; Hardy, of 2504 Pomeroy Rd. SE; Carey, of 219 T St. NE; Boyles, of 3700 9th St. SE; Scott, of 220 17th St. NE; Brake, of 1461 Chapin St. NW., and Drake, of 628 Edgewood St. NE.

At a preliminary hearing on Monday, U.S. Magistrate Arthur L. Burnett ruled that there was sufficient evidence to refer the cases of Ragland, Surles, Hardy and Carey to a federal grand jury.

Yesterday, Commissioner Andrea Harnett referred Boyles' case to a grand jury in D.C. Superior Court.

Police said the other three men are awaiting preliminary hearings in Superior Court.

All eight men have been released on personal recognizance without being required to post bond, police and prosecutors said.