D.C. school board member R. Calvin Lockridge yesterday accused a high school student and eight school system safety and security employes of using or selling drugs at several city schools in recent months.

Lockridge released the names in a news conference at school board headquarters and said he plans to turn the names over to D.C. police this week with a request that they "thoroughly investigate" the allegations immediately.

School board president R. David Hall called the allegations "serious" and said he and Superintendent Floretta D. McKenzie will meet with police officials today to help them initiate surveillance operations at some schools.

Lockridge said that he has considerable proof that the people he named have used or sold marijuana, cocaine or PCP. On several occasions in the last six months, he said, he and several teachers, students and other security employes have witnessed what they believed were drug exchanges among students and between security aides and students.

In one instance, he said, evidence was gathered against a student at Ballou High School in Southeast suspected of selling marijuana when a classmate purchased a small quantity of the drug from the student and turned it over to Lockridge, who represents Ward 8, where the school is located.

After releasing the list of names, Lockridge sent a copy to McKenzie, while Hall received a copy from a reporter.

Hall said, "These names will be turned over to the police department and they will be asked to investigate. This is a serious matter. Mr. Lockridge names eight people employes and we're going to have each one investigated . . . . I hope he knows what he's talking about."

Lockridge said, he had "informed the superintendent's office" of some of his allegations months ago and asked that investigations be started, but nothing was done. "A masterful cover-up is in the making," he said. "I haven't gotten any cooperation . . . . I feel isolated."

A spokeswoman for McKenzie said that she did not know of Lockridge's allegations until yesterday when she received a copy of his statement.