Will the real governor of Virginia please identify himself to the editors of The Economist, Britain's weekly politics and finance magazine.

Gov. Charles S. Robb was mentioned in a story about Democratic politics in the magazine's March 23 issue, and he and six other prominent Democrats were listed in a caption under a strip of seven photographs. The trouble was that the photo purportedly of the governor of Virginia wasn't.

It was a picture of Bob Woodward, an editor at The Washington Post who came to prominence for his part in the investigation of Watergate.

The mistake has caused merriment in Robb's Richmond office, but the governor's spokesman, George M. Stoddart, would say only: "I can think of something funny, but I won't say it."

Woodward prepared the following statement: "It's a trial balloon. They laughed at Jimmy Carter. Now I'm the newest new face in the Democratic Party. Only the name is old. Next month I plan to pose as the governor of Nebraska or Kansas, or whichever the one is who is dating Debra Winger."

Barbara Smith, The Economist's Washington correspondent who wrote the article, said she was aghast when she saw the wrong picture in the magazine.

She said the picture had Robb's name on the back, but when the error was discovered neither she nor her editors had any idea who the photo was of.