A Germantown woman, who told lottery officials that she picked her six winning numbers from her marriage certificate, was one of five winners in last week's Maryland Lotto drawing for a jackpot with an annuity value of $11.15 million.

Lottery spokesmen identified the woman as Jennifer Staton, 35, the mother of nine children. They said four other winners had not come forward.

Lottery computers indicated these four tickets were bought at Baltimore's Louis Brickell and Sons Wholesale Candy and Tobacco, Boulevard Supermarket Liquors in Jessup, Shopping Center Liquors in Frederick and Long Meadow Liquors in Hagerstown.

The six winning numbers drawn Saturday were 1, 10, 12, 22, 24 and 28.

Staton, who bought her ticket at a Peoples drugstore in Damascus, told lottery officials that she works as a clerk at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in the District, and that she would use part of her winnings to help her church.

The jackpot rose to a record sum after three weeks without a winner. Next week's jackpot will have an annuity value of about $1.25 million, officials said.

The first payout of a 20-year disbursement brought Staton a check of more than $87,000 after taxes, officials reported.