So Sunday was a lousy day for you -- nothing seemed to go right. Monday wasn't much better. And Tuesday, yesterday, remained awful.

There's a reason. The Marriott Corp. omitted the three-line ad it normally runs at the top of The Washington Post's classified advertising columns, under the apt heading, "Happy Days."

Every day, day in and day out, it reads, "Marriott Corporation wishes you a happy day!" Every day, day in and day out, some of us look to see it, smile and forsooth! It tends, more often than not, to be a happy day.

Terry Souers of Marriott's corporate affairs office said the ad is usually run chiefly to preserve the corporation's right to a low rate from The Post if it advertises every day in the classified ad section. If there's another Marriott ad for, say, help wanted, the "happy day" ad need not run (although it usually does).

"Since we are concerned for our stockholders' dollars, we are using our space right now to advertise for real jobs in the secretarial field," Souers said.

That might make job seekers happy. Doesn't do much for Post readers such as me (but then, let's admit, I depend on The Post's prosperity).