A monument at the Manassas Battlefield Park erected by Union soldiers to commemorate their dead will be restored by funds raised by proceeds from the sale of Civil War memorabilia by a local group last weekend.

According to Battlefield Park executive director Ronald Swain, the 12-foot stone spire on Henry Hill erected by Union veterans in 1865 once sported five 135-pound artillery shells, one at each corner of the monument and one on top.

In recent years, three have been stolen and one had to be removed and deactivated by U.S. Army explosives experts when it was discovered that the iron shell was still "live ammunition." The Northern Virginian Relic Hunters Association, an organization of Civil War collectors and historians, held its annual relic, memorabilia and book show in Arlington with all proceeds pledged to fund the casting of copies of the missing shells at the monument's four corners, Swain said.

The Manassas Junior Women's Club hopes to raise nearly $2,000 tomorrow evening at an art auction, with proceeds to go toward a variety of charitable causes.

This is the second annual auction for the 25-year-old organization; last year the club raised $1,600 for such things as scholarships, hearing aids and the Red Cross with the bidding on oils, sculptures, watercolors and graphics. There will be a preview at 7 p.m.; bidding will begin at 8 p.m. and continue until "everything is gone," according to spokeswoman Naomi Martin.

Marlin Art Inc., a New York firm, will conduct the auction, to be held at the Manassas Volunteer Fire Department, 9302 Centreville Rd. Admission is $3; wine and cheese will be served. For information call Martin at 368-7789.