The seven-member jury that will decide an unusual civil lawsuit against Annandale gynecologist David K. Davoudlarian in which he is accused of strangling his wife completed its first day of deliberations yesterday and went home for the weekend without reaching a verdict.

The only question members of the Fairfax Circuit Court jury had for Judge Lewis H. Griffith came at 12:20 p.m., when they asked if they could go to lunch at 12:30.

In addition to Davoudlarian, more than 30 relatives and spectators who have followed the trial since it began April 1 waited for a verdict in the courtroom and the hallway.

Just before 5 p.m. Griffith summoned the jury into the courtroom and asked if they wanted to continue deliberating, return today, or return Monday. The jurors took two minutes to decide that they would take the weekend off.

The nude body of Susan Davoudlarian, 40, was found June 12, 1983, wedged beneath the folded-down back seat of her station wagon, which was parked in the long-term lot at Dulles International Airport. She had been missing since June 4.

No criminal charges have been brought in her death and Davoudlarian, 49, testified on the witness stand that he loved his wife and denied that he killed her.

The jurors are deliberating in a $10 million damage suit brought by Mrs. Davoudlarian's estate.