Two men armed with handguns broke into two homes on a secluded street in Silver Spring in quick succesion last night, robbed the residents and beat two of the victims, Montgomery County police said.

Police and shocked residents of the normally quiet 100 block of Devon Court near Sligo Creek said a 77-year-old woman was beaten and kicked as the two robbers smashed their way through her kitchen window shortly after 9 p.m.

The men then tied the women to a bedpost and ransacked the house, police said. The woman was being treated for her injuries early today at Washington Adventist Hospital.

Another victim, Delores Warye, said she and her husband, Russell, a retired Marine officer, "were . . . in the living room and they came in, one with a gun, and they said, 'Freeze!' "

"They knocked my husband to the floor. They said they'd blow his head off if we didn't cooperate."

Warye said that only a few moments earlier, a man had come to the front door asking for directions, but her husband did not open the door. She said the men apparently entered through a bedroom window.

Warye said the men forced her and her husband into the bathroom, then "completely ransacked the house." She said they tied the bathroom door shut with a telephone cord before leaving.

"I'm just glad that when they were finished with us, they didn't harm us," Warye said. "We weren't sure what was going to happen to us."

A neighbor, Ramona Gonzales, said that about the time the Waryes were being robbed, her dog began barking and "just went wild. I just got up and bolted all my doors."